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Chocolate is toxic for dogs and cats

The pre-Christmas season is well underway. The shelves are filling up with chocolate and other delicious treats. 

Chocolate – it not only causes midriff bulges, but also moments of happiness.

But the theobromin contained in chocolate can be deadly for our pets. In contrast to humans, they do not have a specific enzyme, which degrades this alkaloid.

Even if it is hard to resist: No chocolate for dogs and cats

For a small dog, a bar of chocolate can be life-threatening. For dark chocolate, dosages of even 60 g may be enough. Please store chocolate so that your pet cannot reach it.

In case your pet does take up chocolate, watch carefully for the following symptoms: restlessness, nervousness, nausea, vomiting and a rapid heartbeat. A hunched back suggests a colic. If you observe these symptoms, seek out a veterinarian immediately.

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